How to make homework fun

Children enrolled in schools spend a more substantial portion of their time in school and a little less at home. Nevertheless, they still have to attend to continuous school work via homework. Some parents have to forcefully make their children do their homework because it is not an exciting activity for them. Some kids even dread doing homework with their parents due to the parent’s scolding. Hence, they lie about their teachers, not giving them assignments. They end up going to school with uncompleted homework or worse still, copy their friends in school. Some students may wake up in the middle of the night to do their homework, then get to class and be sleeping or may not be able to concentrate; this may cause a mental breakdown for the student.

Students mostly do not do their homework because it is not fun. But, there are many ways to make homework exciting. It includes: 

  1. Create a comfortable space to do your homework: the first step is to get a serene environment. It will make it convenient and relaxing for the student. An unkempt area is a discouraging factor for a child. Ensure there are a comfortable table and chair in the space created. When there is no suitable space, children will find innumerable excuses not to do their homework. Also, ensure there is a bright light source in it and encourage them to leave the space clean always. 
  2. Reward: prepare gifts for children for every finished task. Children love receiving gifts for what they do. You can ask them what they want the most and make it their reward if they should complete their homework; the speed and accuracy with which they will complete their homework will alarm you. Although this may not work for every child, it is worth giving it a trial.
  3. Provision of snacks: most children naturally love snacks like cookies, chocolates, sweets, candies, cakes, etc. Giving them snacks while they study or do their homework can make homework fun for them. They do not have this opportunity during classes in school, but, doing it at home will help them to be focused and relaxed while they work. Children may not concentrate on their work when they are hungry.
  4. Give them breaks: children get tired from long hours in school, another long session of doing homework at home would drain them mentally. They may even sleep while they are at it. Give them short breaks to relax. You can divide their homework into parts and allow short breaks in between the task. It not only keeps them interested, but it also helps them to put in their best effort throughout the whole work. Their attention may get divided when there is no break. 
  5. Guide them through their homework: one mistake parents make leaving their kids to do assignments on their own and not letting them use homework service for help. Doing this will help parents track their children’s performance in school and can easily make corrections where need be.

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